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Sonnengolf is located next to the Western borderline, it waits for the players right next to Sonnentherme Waterpark of Lutzmannsburg.

The 7 rooms of Greenhouse are equipped with Putting Green and Bag-box and situated right on the area of Sonnengolf Club, right next the beautiful, 60 hectares big course, so it is ideal for those who love the mixture of relaxation and bustle.  

The luxury apartments of Thermen Golf Pannonia promise a restful pastime in an exclusive environment, with unmatched view on the barhing lake. 

The comfortable flats of Thermenchalet seem to be a perfect choice for a most exciting vacation due to the direct entrance to the Waterpark of Sonnentherme in Luzzmannsburg.

Due to the unique features of the surroundings, abundant sport, cultural and entertainment facilities are provided to the visitors.

Vienna, Parndorf or Sopron, art, amusement, shopping, vine cellars, relaxation at lake Fertő with surfing and shipping are all accessible within an hour.

Fantastic offers for golfers, families, at the weekend or on weekdays, festive, active and relaxing packages.

Visit us so as to enjoy the luxury of recreation! 

Sleep & Play – Relaxation and golf in one place.